Monday, November 14, 2011

A Beautiful Chicago Wedding!

A few weeks ago we got to celebrate the eagerly awaited wedding of two of our closest friends in Chicago, Christie and Nasser. It was a beautiful fall wedding at A New Leaf in Old Town, and I couldn't have imaged a more perfect wedding for these two! The setting was a bit urban, with modern touches and perfect floral arrangements (the space is owned by a floral shop!). The bride and groom were obviously so happy to be committing to a lifetime together, and their family and friends were all eager to celebrate this occasion. The food was amazing, and drinks went down easy, and the dancing wasn't too awkward ;)  Overall, it was the perfect wedding for these two, and we were so happy to be a part of the celebration!

I love this picture! It might even be frame worthy...

They did the toasts up above the crowd, so everyone could see them. So cute!

Cupcakes! Adorable and delicious. 

It was a great crowd... so many of our closest friends in Chicago were together for the occasion! We had a great time, especially seeing how happy Nas and Christie were with each other. What a fun, stylish, romantic wedding!

(Bonus points for being the only wedding we've gone to that's a easy cab ride away from home!)


  1. yes, that picture is frame worth! and it does look quite stylish.

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