Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby Sister Graduates!

We went to Minnesota last weekend to celebrate my little sister's college graduation. Joe and I were pretty nervous about traveling with Elise, but the trip really went well overall! It's not easy to travel with a newborn, but she was her easygoing self on the trip. I did discover that we didn't get to spend quite as much time with my family as I would have liked, when we factored in nap time and early bedtime. It was still great to see everyone, though. And it was my brother, sister, and brother in law's first time meeting Elise! It's always fun to introduce her to people, and of course it was extra special to introduce her to her aunts and uncles.

Elise's first hotel stay
Wisconsin Dells 

She's pretty popular!

Hanging with Uncle Brendan

My baby sister is not so little anymore!

The whole gang
(minus brother in law Dan, aka the photographer)

My siblings are special...

Colleen was our tour guide around campus

Elise is adorable with her grandpa. She loves him!

Graduation Dinner

Toasting to no more college tuition!

Oldest and youngest siblings

This precious angel slept almost the whole way home!

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  1. It was so so fun and went by way too fast! We need another family gathering soon!