Saturday, September 28, 2013

Photography Class {Week 2}

This week our class focused on angles of photographs, and on the composition. We're not doing any editing yet, so there's no cropping or manipulation of photos allowed at this point. I didn't love my pictures this week, because I wasn't feeling great for most of the week, and then only had a quick hour on Sunday to take pictures in between errands and a BBQ. A few pictures are from class last Monday, and most of the others were taken at a park near my house. I did start to consider composition a lot more during this week's assignment, and obviously it's something that will carry on for the rest of the class. Here are the 10 pictures I chose to share for this week's homework assignment. 

This was a stairwell at Lillstreet.
Not super exciting, but I like the gritty feel of it, and the line of the handrail. 

My classmates really liked this one. The placement of the knife, the
colorful veggies, and the lighting all came together nicely. I love cooking,
and would love to improve my food photography, so I'm glad they enjoyed this one!

The next five are a series. We were supposed to pick a subject and photograph it from five different angles. I didn't love these shots. I think with more time I would have chosen a better subject, and then could have had much more interesting photos. These weren't terrible, but they weren't interesting or beautiful either. I will play around with more series like this on my own, because I think multiple shots of the same subject can really help me to learn more about composition. 

People liked the straight on viewpoint of the park building. 

I like the idea of the building being more in the background,
but this was a little too blurry and subtle in the end. 

I like the leading lines on this one, with the fence and the trail.
Also, the light on the tree is really pretty.

This was a favorite. The focused and blurred fence,
with unclear greenery in the background, came
together nicely. The one leaf peeking through is
maybe a little playful or interesting, too. 

Now we're on to week three, and experimenting with depth of field and focus. I love close up focused pictures with a blurred background, but now I have to challenge myself to change up my aperture and do some pictures with a wider focus. It should make for some fun pictures! 

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