Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Morning on the High Line

It’s been more than a month since our trip to New York, so I’d say it’s about time to toss up the rest of the pictures and just move on. I really didn’t take a ton of pictures that weekend-- a few on my iphone, but I didn’t want to carry my big camera around all weekend. I’m not a very good aspiring photographer, huh? I edited these slightly, because after the first two weeks of my photography class I realized that these are terribly under/over exposed. I didn’t mess with them too much, though, and figured I’d post them as is, so I can come back someday and see how I’ve progressed in my composition and editing skills. I’ve learned after two weeks that I have a LOT of learning to do!

Is it possible for me to squint anymore?? Ugh!

These pictures were taken on Sunday morning. We had a later evening flight back to Chicago, so we had a solid chunk of time on Sunday to do a little more exploring. After seeing a million and one references to the High Line on blogs and around the internet over the last couple years, it was on my must-see list for this visit.  From Danielle’s apartment we took a cab across town, and started our walk on the north end of the High Line. It was decently crowded, but still easy to get around, and the mild late summer weather was hard to beat. I tried my hand at some nature photography as we wandered, and loved seeing the contrast between the grasses and woods on the High Line, and the urban landscape all around. It was a fun place to explore, and I was so glad we made the trek across town to see it.

Signs of the High Line's former identity

We ended our nature walk in Chelsea, and wandered in and out of some fabulous shops (the Warby Parker flagship! Kate Spade Saturday!), then focused on our intended destination… Chelsea Market! After experiencing the chaos of Eataly on Friday, the crowds and Chelsea Market felt quite manageable. I wished I was more hungry, because there were endless food options I wanted to try. So now I have a goal for our next visit-- don’t eat all morning, and visit Chelsea Market in the late afternoon, ravenous and ready to eat everything in sight! Even then, I’m sure I’ll only skim the surface of what’s available to eat. We settled on macarons and black and white cookies, which were digested while wandering back to Murray Hill and then on to the airport.

If I lived in NYC, I think I'd spend a lot of time around Chelsea.
It's the perfect combination of charm and urban grit.
It was a wonderful trip, especially since it gave us the chance to catch up with two of our favorite people! I love seeing you two together, and can’t wait for you to get hitched this spring. And future trips to Toronto are going to be pretty fabulous as well. Love ya D & D!

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  1. love these photos of such a special part of town!