Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pride Parade 2013!

It's finally time to say it-- summer is here! The weather in Chicago has not been the most cooperative, but at this point it's almost July, and we're going to start acting like it's summer no matter what the temperature is outside. I have lots of blog updates I need to share-- my birthday, one fabulous night from our trip to London, and our California vacation last month. But for today, I'm going to settle for a quick and fun post. Pride Parade 2013! 

Today was supposed to be a somewhat productive day. Plans included lovely Sunday activities like grocery shopping, working out, and going to church. But this morning we got the idea that we needed to go show our support at the Pride Parade in Boystown, and it was a hard idea to shake. So we went with it! We grabbed our bikes, headed east towards the lake, and spent the afternoon embracing the chaos and excitement at this huge gay pride event. It was a blast!

We rode our bikes there-- a great decision, because the crowds were crazy!

It's hard to see, but these rainbow balloons spelled out LOVE. 

Episcopal Diocese of Chicago representing!

We found a prime spot on the patio of Kit Kat Lounge, and got to enjoy the rest of the parade with drinks and a smaller crowd. Perfect!

A calm and easy bike ride home

Joe and I agreed that this was an exciting year to be at the Pride Parade! There has been a lot of progress towards equality recently, and we believe more progress is coming soon. There is still a lot that the LGBT community (and their friends/allies/supporters) are fighting towards, but hopefully there will be a parade soon where there is purely celebrating, because the fight will be over. In the meantime, I'll enjoy showing my support on this sunny, love filled summer day!

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  1. i also stopped by the pride parade in nyc - brought tears to my eyes. so happy for all the progress...looking forward to more.