Monday, June 10, 2013

Countdown to 30: {the soundtrack}

I'm 12 days away from a big birthday. I'm actually totally ok with turning 30, and have a feeling my 30's are going to be a pretty fabulous decade. But I sure did have fun in my 20's, regardless of the stress and trials that come with figuring out who you are. I figured I'd do a little series about what my 20's were all about, for a fun little trip down memory lane. 

Music seems like a good place to start, because it's always been important to me. No, I'm not actually musical, in terms of playing instruments or singing (besides in the shower). But I love discovering new bands, seeing shows, and enjoying music with friends. Lately I seem to be regressing, though, and enjoying pop music a little too much for someone who's always associated herself with more of the indie scene. So let's reflect back on some of my favorites from the last 10 years.

In college I had an indie streak, with some random country mixed in. I can't think about college and not remember the countless Pat Green concerts, in Columbia, Kansas City, and even down in Austin on one memorable 4th of July trip. I haven't listened to this song in YEARS, but Three Days is still so.damn.good.

Really, though, I was all about music that you might call pop punk, emo, and just generally independent. I had some friends in a ska band, including the cute guy that would become my husband. By my 20th birthday I'd left some of the early favorites behind (Dashboard Confessional! Hey Mercedes! Rascal Flatts!), and was still rocking along to mostly indie stuff. I distinctly remember Spring Break of my Junior year, and listening to Modest Mouse and the Get up Kids on repeat as I drove around Columbia. Here's a favorite from that era...

After college we spent a little time in Kansas City, where we listened to plenty of Ben Folds and Decemberists. There were some great shows at the Uptown Theatre, and even a few drives out to Lawrence, KS for bands that were a little more under the radar. Right after we moved to Chicago (the summer I turned 24) there was a FREE Decemberists show at Millennium Park, and it was one of those moments that solidly cemented my love for this city. Chicago has spoiled us with music, for sure.  Here's a favorite Decemberists track from around that time...

From about year 25 on, some of my favorite music memories are tied to festivals. Some are small neighborhood festivals, where we've gotten to see bands like the Old 97's or the Get Up Kids for free (my favorite kind of music!). We've also done a few bigger festivals, making Pitchfork an annual experience, and even squeezing in Lollapalloza last year. This summer is going to be a good one for music, because I won't only get to see some bands that I've never seen live (like Band of Horses after Lolla!), but I also get to relive some of my favorite memories from about a decade ago, with Belle and Sebastian at Pitchfork and Postal Service at Lollapalloza. Let's do this!

From Logan Square to Uptown, we've seen shows at major venues all around Chicago. Overall, some of my favorite memories from my 20's involve live music or finding a new band to love, and I hope this love of music stays with me for many years to come!

I'll keep it going tomorrow, because we have tickets to see the Japandroids at the Metro!  I'm prepared for a kick ass show, hopefully even better than Pitchfork last year. Work on Wednesday morning might be a bit rough... but check out how good they are.

Old 97's at Navy Pier

Girltalk at Congress, maybe 2009 or 2010?  A crazy good time!

Any bands that bring you back to your younger years? Any bands you think this almost 30 year old should check out?

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  1. I used to love Dashboard Confessional in college. Plus, it was right before they became pretty popular, so I felt slightly ahead of the curve:) Happy Almost 30th!