Monday, January 30, 2012

Rockwell Brewing: Sharing our beers with the public!

Last weekend we got the chance to participate in an exciting beer tasting festival that was specifically for showcasing home brewers. Joe and I partnered with our beer loving friends Angela and Pedro, made a whopping 25 gallons of beer between the four of us, and brought them out to Wicker Park on a cold winter day.

Brew HoHo was coordinated by my friend and coworker Won, a talented chef who knows way too many people who love beer. He's not a brewer himself, but this was his third time coordinating a group of brewers into an event like this. There were a lot of passionate and inventive home brewers sharing their creations to a crowd of about 250 people... a huge turnout!

We had so much fun sharing our beers with everyone, and got some great feedback. People loved what we had brewed! It sounds like our most popular was the Imperial IPA that Joe made, but all five brews were in demand throughout the day. It was a kind of overwhelming experience, but once we were there and had everything in order, we were able to just enjoy ourselves! We met some cool people through the experience, and look forward to continuing to explore the brewing community around Chicago. If you live in Chicago, let me know if you want details about the next event in April!

Three quarters of Rockwell Brewing

We baked our spent grain into all kinds of yummy treats!

All the brews on display

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  1. wow, this quite a feat. way to go you and joe!