Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Final Christmas Post

Christmas this year was quite lovely. I had a great time soaking up the season with our "Dates of Christmas"... we didn't get twelve dates in, but I thought eight was a pretty solid effort! I will be sure to do something like that for future Christmas seasons, because it really motivated us to soak up the holiday together, all over our wonderful city. I think my favorite date was seeing the Zoo Lights, but the play at Neo Futurists was pretty fun too.

I also had the privilege of hosting Christmas for some of Joe's family this year. I was missing my family a lot this season, since we're all scattered across the country. But Joe's parents are less than two hours away, so it's easy to see them for holiday celebrations. Usually we go out to their house, but since I only had Christmas Day off from work, we decided to invite them to spend the holiday at our house. It was an unconventional day, with our tiny condo and my less traditional cooking, but I think everyone had a great time!

What's that you say? Or I guess think? Did I hear you ask for more pictures???

Ok... how about a little rest-of-Christmas photo dump?  Here ya go!

Opening presents, and trying on new scarves!

On holidays it's ok to drink with breakfast... and I LOVE mimosas!

Breakfast Casserole from Epicurious
SO simple, and you can make it the night before,
then bake while you're opening gifts.

Christmas Dinner

Grill master Joe took care of the pork tenderloin for Christmas Dinner.
This recipe is always a hit.

Ok, just one more holiday recap to go. I have to tell you all about our fun NYE, and then it'll be back to your regularly scheduled blogging...

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  1. love the photo dump! we both had the same idea for christmas bfast - make it the night before and drink mimosas while it heats back up in the oven. love it.