Monday, October 10, 2011

Notre Dame Football Adventure!

This weekend we got to go to South Bend, IN for a Notre Dame football game, courtesy of my generous uncle in California. He had entered a lotto for tickets, and ended up getting tickets that he couldn't actually use. A few weeks ago my aunt called to see if we were interested in a set of tickets, and you know we couldn't pass up that opportunity! We had a blast exploring the campus, and experiencing the rich traditions of this historic university.

The campus was full of students and visitors, eating, drinking, and seeing the sights.

The main administrative building was beautiful!
It was full of intricate murals, and had this amazing dome about four floors up.

The basilica was amazing!

After exploring campus, we went to Legends, a bar right across from the stadium.

The band was great at getting the crowd excited... and the crowd was huge! 

They were playing Air Force, so there was a fly over before the game! Too cool!

Go Irish!
(We got shirts before so we would blend in!)

Fun tradition-- they lift the students up and down whenever the Irish score.
They do it as many times as they have points, so people joke about starting
with their heaviest friends first, in case it's a high scoring game.

Touchdown Jesus!

Speaking of high scoring... it was a great day to be a Notre Dame fan!

Thanks again Ron and Anne for the tickets!!! We had a blast!

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  1. this looks so awesome. and you look absolutely adorable.