Sunday, September 25, 2011

Single Lady!

This weekend I was living single, while Joe went to some car races in Wisconsin with his dad and brother. Single lady, weekend in the big city... recipe for excitement, right?  Or, if you know me at all... recipe for a relaxing, restorative weekend, with some girlfriend time, a little babysitting, and of course some shopping!

Speaking of shopping, would you like to see a blurry picture of some fun stuff I got in the mail last week?

That's right, I got some Missoni! My mom is a lifesaver, and when I realized the website was down and my local store had a line out front, I called her for help with this fashion emergency. There are some advantages of having parents who live in an exciting place like South Dakota! I got an infinity scarf and a cardigan, and I love them both. I can see each piece getting heavy rotation this fall, and hopefully for years to come.

Ok, focusing again... back to this weekend. I spent Saturday morning lounging around the house, and met my friend Christie for brunch and shopping in Lakeview. I was bummed I couldn't hang out with her Saturday night, during her fiance's bachelor party, but I'd already committed to babysit that night. The upside of babysitting? Well, besides getting to hang out with two very cute little boys, I also got some extra cash which funded my Sunday afternoon shopping trip. The highlight of that trip was the boots you see below (in another crappy picture), which I've been wanting for far too long!

They're 9 West knee high boots,
somewhere between motorcycle and riding boots in their style.

Other highlights of Sunday's shopping expedition included Wow Bow for lunch, a sighting of the soon to open Magnolia Bakery, and some great finds and Old Navy and H&M. I planned to head up to Michigan to visit Top Shop, but ended up buying too much on State Street and having to force myself to go home!

I came home with enough time to make a nice dinner, and Joe made it back earlier than expected. We caught up on our favorite show (Project Runway, obviously!), enjoyed a little red wine, and caught up on our exciting weekend apart. I love soaking up a little "me time" this weekend... but am always happier when my guy is back!  I better wrap this up quickly, so I have time to snuggle with him a little before bedtime :)

Acorn Squash stuffed with couscous, swiss shard, and white beans.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too! Maybe even a more exciting weekend than mine? It wouldn't be hard to beat!


  1. i loooooove having a weekend to myself where i do basically everything you mentioned. and lucky you for getting some missoni!

  2. hot asian buns