Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My perfect weekend

This Sunday was one of those glorious weekend days where we really had nothing specific to do. I was supposed to go running with a friend, but she ended up postponing the run when she was feeling under the weather (and I still went, and motivated myself to do 3 miles!). We did a little errand running, a little cooking and cleaning, and some necessary relaxing. Wonderful!  I am trying to soak up moments like this, because one of these days we'll have a kid, and things will get a little CrAzY. It will be the best time of our lives, but also sooooo different from where we are at now. We've been married for close to five years now, and it's been amazing to just soak up being a young married couple for this time! But as we get older I think about kids more*, and it makes me appreciate the freedom we have right now. Here's a few snapshots from my perfect Sunday...

The BEST pumpkin pancakes

I like my coffee best in this Paris mug. The more coffee, the better.

Guitar practice... husband with rolled eyes optional.

San Marzano tomatoes from the farmer's market turned into a quick marinara
sauce to top some spaghetti squash. Perfect lunch.

Next cooking project: Thai curry for dinner! I found some Thai eggplant
at the market, and a beautiful orange pepper. Add some curry paste, tempeh,
 and coconut milk... mix in some sweet potato... then add kale right at the end.

The finished curry, served over rice. It turned out great!

P is for pumpkin!
We bottled our pumpkin beer this weekend, and I think it's going to be amazing.

What's your idea of a perfect weekend?

*Mom/sister-- I am drinking wine as I type this, so don't get any ideas. I am still not 100% sure I can get behind this "No booze/caffeine for 9 months".


  1. hahaha i love this. i'm not sure i can get past that concept either! i, too, love the weekends that are so carefree like that. looks like you spent your time well!


    ya know they make decaf coffee and nonalcoholic beer and wine, right?!!?!?!?


  3. Pumpkin pancakes!! That sounds like heaven.

  4. pumpkin pancakes would make any weekend perfect!

  5. those pumpkin pancakes would definitely be part of my fav weekend