Monday, August 30, 2010

Making the Most of Chicago Summertime!

Somehow I managed to not post to this blog for an entire month! I guess that shows how busy we've been. Thankfully, it's mostly been a busy month of fun stuff, like out of town visitors, pig roasts, and summer fun! I'll do some highlights, but try not to overrun this post with millions of pictures.

First, our friends Tara and Kieth came to visit from Kansas City. They brought their ADORABLE almost one year old, Jack, and we had so much fun catching up with them and hanging out with this little guy. They are great friends, and we always enjoy spending time with them. It was a quick weekend, but we squeezed in some time in Lincoln Square, a visit to Green City Market, and a tasty lunch at Goose Island. This was the first time they'd flown with Jack, so we tried to make it really fun and easy, so they'd come back again soon!

We had another visit a few days later, when Chris and Elena came up from Austin. We showed them the swanky side of Chicago when we had dinner at Sushi Samba, followed by drinks at Roof at the Wit Hotel. They also came over that Monday, to help us celebrate Joe's birthday. It is always entertaining when we get to catch up with Chris, and Joe and I agreed that Elena is a cool girl and a great match for Chris. I tried convincing her that she should move here, but she seemed to think the winters would be too hard on her Texas upbringing. I'll keep trying to tell her otherwise...

Next up was a baby shower for my friend Cathy. We've been good friends since high school, and I'm so excited for her and her husband Troy. They're going to be great parents, and I'm excited to watch their family grow. I can't wait to hold their little girl, and have already offered up my babysitting services whenever they need me :)

That night we went to a pig roast at my friend Clair's house. She's a former coworker from The Chopping Block, and she hosted quite a bash. There was a ton of amazing food, great people, and free flowing beer... so obviously, it was a good party!

The day after Cathy's shower and Clair's party, we attended the Slow Food Pig Roast at Goose Island. Yes, two pig roasts in two days! It was amazing... there were about 8 or 9 well know Chicago chefs that offered up fantastic pork dishes, and they were all pretty amazing. I think my favorite came from The Gage, but it was really hard to decide. We got to tour the brewery, too, which is something not usually available to the public. This event was such a special treat, plus the proceeds went to Slow Food, an organization I really believe in.

I couldn't resist asking these two guys for a picture. On the left is Greg Hall, the brewmaster for Goose Island. On the right is Paul Kahn, one of the best known local chefs. Their food and beer have been a part of some of my most memorable nights out in Chicago, and it was so cool to just be hanging out with then at the Roast.

It was a great day for food and beer on the west side of Chicago!
Ok, that got me through mid August. I still have more fun stuff to share, but I have to call it a day. This post is officially full... I told you we've been busy! Hope you're enjoying the end of summer as much as we are!

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