Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrations in Kansas City and St Louis!

As I sat down to write about our fun trip to St Louis last weekend, I made a discovery. On our camera were pictures from our other Missouri trip of the summer, when we went down to Kansas City at the beginning of June. So I'm going to make this a double trip post... these drives down to St Louis and Kansas City do tend to blend together, so it seems fitting. Also, I have to say it's funny how much I am connected to the state of Missouri at this point. Nine years ago I left home to attend the University of Missouri, looking for a journalism degree and a little space from the great state of Colorado. I'd never even been to the state before I drove through and toured the campus, but it just felt like the right fit. I didn't quite get that journalism degree, but I've ended up with so many ties to Missouri that it's almost funny. If I had to guess I would say we've been to Kansas City or St Louis at least 6 or 7 times in the last year!

So, first, our trip to Kansas City. Brian and Julie, Joe's brother and sister-in-law, are expecting their first child in August, and our whole family couldn't be more excited! Early in June we got the chance to drive down and help them celebrate at a baby shower. On Friday night we had a family dinner at Waldo Pizza, an excellent pizza place with a killer beer list. I also had a chance to hang out with Laura and Dan, who had moved to KC only days earlier. The next morning I joined the girls to ooh and ah over adorable baby boy gifts as the guys played golf and feasted at Oklahoma Joe's. That afternoon Julie and Brian hosted a cookout, with lots of tasty food, and cold beer for the non-pregnant folks. It was so fun to hang out and catch up with everyone! We are glad to be living in Chicago at this point, but do get nostalgic about how much fun we used to have in KC each time we visit. Lucky for us, we'll have to go down again in another few months, when their little guy makes his appearance. We're so excited for him to arrive!

We managed to stay around Chicago for a while after that trip, just working and enjoying the HOT summer weather. This past weekend we headed south again, this time to the eastern side of Missouri. We were there to celebrate two big occasions-- Dad's 60th birthday and Colleen's 18th! Of course, the weekend started off with pizza, which my family begs Joe to make every time we visit. We made 6 or 7 pizzas for the whole gang, and enjoyed just sitting around the kitchen hanging out and laughing more than we needed to :)
Saturday we had a small party to celebrate the two milestone birthdays. We ate and drank in true Haggerty fashion, and had such a great time! We did an Italian themed feast, with good Missouri beer to wash it down. We also sampled the Belgian double ale that Joe and I brewed for my dad, and he loved it! We had fun making a special batch of beer to comemorate his birthday, and I know he appreciated how he has passed his love of beer and brewing on to the next generation. It was wonderful to all be together again, and I know my Dad and Colleen felt very loved and celebrated. It felt like a quick weekend, and I'm already eager for the next time we'll all be together!

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