Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A sad day in beer land

So about a month ago we bottled our Rail Yard Ale clone, based off the most popular brew at Wynkoop Brewery in Denver. It tasted decent, but was a bit more bubbly than most beers we've made so far. It wasn't a big issue, though, so we have actually been saving most of it to share with our friends at a party this weekend. At least, we thought it wasn't a big issue...

Then I was cleaning the house this morning, and came across this, kind of under the bed in the guest room:

This is a picture of a bottle of beer without a bottom on it. That means at some point in the last couple days, we had a bottle burst. And it blew with enough force to blow the bottle right out of the cardboard box it was being stored in! We were in Iowa with Joe's family for the last couple days, so I think it happened while we were gone. Must have been a crazy noise, though!

Now we're chilling the rest of the beer, to relieve a little pressure. Then we're going to try to take the caps off, let off some pressure & foam, and then rebottle them. We'll see if there is any carbonation left at that point, or if we end up with a lot of bottled flat beer. There might be a lot of PBR served at my birthday party on Saturday night...

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  1. That would have been a sight to see if you had been home when it happened! I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.