Friday, March 5, 2010

Bridal Shower in Colorado

Last weekend I went out to Denver to host a bridal shower for my sister Laura. She's getting married in 5 weeks, and our whole family couldn't be more excited! This quick weekend in Colorado was a preview of the fun we'll have at the wedding. My mom and sister Colleen came from St Louis, and 5 of my favorite female relatives came out from California. It was the definition of a girls weekend, and we had a great time. The shower went so smoothly, and my sister got all sorts of fun gifts to help her and Dan get settled into married life. We also had some fun meals out, and of course a few libations to go along with the great food and company. I can't wait to get back to Colorado in April for the big day!

The future Mr. and Mrs.

Dinner and beer at Wynkoop was an absolute requirement for this trip. My family always went here for dinners out when I was growing up, and I think Wynkoop and my father get credit for my current love of beer.

Laura and Claire catching up over empanadas at Buenos Aires Pizzeria in Denver.

We did the game where you make a bridal gown out of toilet paper and paper towels. We had a couple younger girls in attendance who made perfect models, and loved the attention. It was a really cute game!

We did a salad lunch before opening gifts. Everyone seemed to enjoy the spread, and I had fun making it all!

Lunch is served.

Costco cake is the best for flavor and price. I ate TWO big pieces!

Bridal thong. HAHAHAHA! Count on the cousins for that one!

I had to go all the way to Denver to get some of my favorite Kansas City beer! I was so excited that I forgot how to look cute when someone takes your picture. YIKES! Also, I just looked on their website, and the only place I can get Boulevard in the Chicago suburbs is at a freaking shady-ass strip club. That is soooo lame! I think my mom might need to bring us some from St Louis next weekend!!

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  1. Man up! Go to the strip club! haha. Sounds like a great time!