Sunday, January 10, 2010

All's Calm on the Home Front

This was a pretty low-key weekend around our house, since I was scheduled to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Plus, Joe and I both came down with colds this week, so it seemed like we needed to just take it easy and enjoy some lazy weekend time. I didn't really mind working this weekend, though, because I'd been off work since Monday, and am so bad at relaxing around the house. I was so bored!! Friday night I worked a Cajun cooking class, and by the time I got home Joe had pretty much given up for the night. Saturday I worked all day, and Joe used his former Shakespeare's skills to make us pizza once i got home. We watched "Away we Go", and went to be kind of early, which was slightly boring but good for our battered immune systems. Winter is not so much fun here in Chicago!

This beer is like a trophy to him!

Sunday I had to work again, but it was so slow at the store because of the super cold weather. I ended up leaving early, and we decided to do some late afternoon snacks and drinks at Goose Island with our long lost friend Jess. Joe and I reached a major milestone today... 15 beers each on our MBA's, which means we each got to bring a growler home with us! You know it didn't take us too long to break into the first one...

Notice the Boulevard glasses... we won't forget our KC beer! Too bad we can't buy it here in IL.

Also, in the kitchen, I was busier than usual this past week. After an insanely busy semester this fall, I hardly knew what to do with myself when I had multiple days off in a row! I made Portabella mushroom pizzas, which you can read about on my other blog. I also made homemade pasta, which was so fun. The recipe I made with the pasta wasn't the greatest, but as soon as I find a good recipe I'll post it. For now, I'll just say that my pasta roller is my new favorite kitchen toy!

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