Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pure Michigan is a real thing!

Last weekend Joe and I finally took a little weekend trip to Michigan. We've been talking about it for the last six summers, so it's about damn time! The rest of summer was booking up quickly, and we jumped at the opportunity to drive around the coast last weekend to explore a couple of the beach towns just on the other side of the Indiana and Michigan boarder. A quick 90 minutes from Chicago, these little beach towns felt like another world. It felt a bit like the East Coast to me, with lots of grassy growth near the beaches, and amazing vacation homes lining the coast.

Despite the crap weather (we're talking 60-some degree fall like temps), we still loved our quick getaway! We walked along the beaches, went kayaking on the Galien River, ate (mostly tasty) food, did a wine tasting, and even stopped to pick blueberries on the way home. We were gone for only about 28 hours, but came home already talking about the idea of renting a vacation cottage in the area for a week next summer. Those commercials and ads you've seen aren't lying... Michigan is beautiful and totally charming!

I left my good camera at home, but the iphone filled in quite well!

We had dinner at The Stray Dog in New Buffalo. The food was pretty terrible,
which was disappointing for such a popular spot. We'd probably still go back
for the fun atmosphere, and just order really carefully!

Wine tasting in St Joseph

Windy weather made for some crazy waves

So excited!!

Michigan, we will be back! Hopefully on a warmer weekend, too, to get some solid beach time!


  1. you guys are so cute! we also had a terrrrrrrrrrrrible meal on saturday - it's rare but i still hate when that happens. eating out is a treat, always a bummer when it's not good.

  2. Ahh! I love Michigan! My friends and I usually rent cabins up there for a weekend and visit the wineries. The New Buffalo/St. Joe's area is my favorite. If you return, stop at Redamak's for a burger - it's just over the border. It's AWESOME!