Sunday, July 14, 2013

30th Birthday Celebration!

I've been living it up this summer, and taking lots of pictures to document the good times. But I've been terrible about blogging, and have gotten so far behind on actually sharing the good times on my blog! So, approximately three weeks later, it's not too late to share my 30th birthday celebration... right? 

I went back and forth about how I was going to celebrate, and in the end decided my priority was just having a good time hanging out with some of the people I feel lucky to call my friends. I pushed aside ideas of gourmet appetizers or high end cocktails, and kept everything really casual and easy. A spread of nice cheese, olives, and chips and guac made for the kind of snacks that everyone loves, and we had a good collection of tasty beer and wine for people to choose from. Joe ordered a cake from Whole Foods, and I bought some extra flowers to decorate the table. Bam! It's basically as close as it comes to an instant party. 

Just waiting for some hungry guests.

Nice job with the cake!

Since it was a typical weekend in the summer, some of our friends were out of town or already committed to weddings or other big events. It was a smaller group, but they totally made up for it in quality! I loved seeing everyone, and found that the various groups of friends blended together really well. I felt very loved and grateful all night, and managed to wake up with only a subtle hangover the next day. Not too shabby for being a grumpy old 30-something :)

Little man had a bit too much fun ;) 

Joe: "Ready, everyone? Happy birthday to you..."

This picture is totally awkward, but I like it anyway!

After the first few weeks, I can say that 30 doesn't seem like it will be too bad. The next decade is going to be pretty sweet, from what I can tell!


  1. happy birthday erin! that cakes looks divine!

    and the picture of the little one with the beer made me laugh so hard - love it.

  2. happy b-day! P.S. I love your dress, where'd you get it?!

  3. happy b-day! P.S. I love your dress, where'd you get it?!

  4. Thanks Chrissy! My dress is from J Crew. It was a splurge a couple months ago, before my cousins wedding. I love it!