Monday, May 6, 2013

To the Market! {London, Day 3}

I couldn't contain our British adventures into just one blog post, and Blogger was not helping matters today. I had almost finished a lovely, extensive post about the rest of our time in London... and as of today half of it has disappeared. Boo!!  So, instead of waiting longer to post more about our trip, I'll go ahead and give you a day-at-a-time look into our wonderful vacation. Here's London, Day 3:

Saturday started in a neighborhood I've always wanted to visit-- Notting Hill. I'll admit, from age 16 until 25 I would most likely have told you "Notting Hill" was my #1 favorite movie. The famous London neighborhood seemed so romantic and charming, and I knew someday I'd have the chance to visit and soak it all up. I'd been warned by one of my favorite London based bloggers to get to the market early, because it will get really crowded. Unfortunately, we'd had too much fun out in Camden the night before, so we couldn't quite handle the idea of an early start. We met at the tube stop at about 11:00, so by the time we got to the market, it was in full swing. 

After browsing around the market, we walked over to Ottolenghi for lunch. We grabbed a beautiful selection of salads, and decided to find a park where we could eat our lunch and enjoy the beautiful weather. The only problem with that was that Notting Hill is full of private parks and gardens, which are reserved for residents. That lead to us walking for far too long, and eventually finding a random statue on a street corner, with just enough space for us to plop down and feast. Ottolenghi is pretty amazing-- such georgeous, fresh food!

The colorful veggies were in stark contrast to the starch & meat diet
we'd been focusing on for the first couple days of the trip!

Lucky for us, after lunch we realized we were only blocks away from Holland Park! We wandered over, and enjoyed soaking up some sunshine. We wandered all the way south through Holland Park, and came out on Kensington High Street. This was perfect, because the Mothership (aka the largest Whole Foods Market in the company) was a few blocks over. We spent a good bit of time wandering through the store, picking up some ingredients for dinner and a few edible souvenirs. The afternoon ended with a stroll up Kensington Palace Gardens, a street so posh that they prohibit photography.

Maybe still recovering from last night...

Enjoying the Springtime weather in Holland Park

All of London was out at the park this afternoon!

Aged English Cheddar and unpasteurized brie.
Add wine and good company.

Still smiling after walking 1,000,000 miles in one day!

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  1. wow - what a perfect london day! i have such a soft spot in my heart for london. i'd love to go back some day - memories, memories.