Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stay Warm, Friends!

I hate to talk about the weather, but sometimes you just have to. This has been a wacky winter here in Chicago. It started out unseasonably warm, with a record breaking "snow drought". Good old global warming, huh? The environment has decided to fight back, though, and the last couple weeks Mother Nature has been flexing her muscles. I have mixed feelings about snow, too, because I really do want to hate it. But I can't resist loving a good bit of snowfall, and the way it makes the city feel so quiet and calm. The messy slush after the snow is a whole different story, but tonight the snow is coming down (again), and I am just going to snuggle up and enjoy it.

Last weekend was snowy, too, and my friend Megan and I ended up switching our outdoor running date into a lunch date. Wimpy, I know, but I don't really want to risk slipping on ice and finishing this running season before it starts! The snow was lovely, though, so I toted my camera with me on my way to meet up. Again, I'm pushing that New Year's resolution to use the camera more. I need to push to take more pictures of people, to continue getting out of my comfort zone, but at least taking the camera out of the house is a good place to start!

Sounds like it's getting snowy across the country, so I hope you're staying warm tonight!

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  1. oh gosh i LOVE snow in cities. the quietness and stillness and softness and the way everything fills and breaks my heart. yes, the next day it looks like sludge, but it's worth for those few quiet hours.