Sunday, August 12, 2012

In the Right Place

Even after five years of living in Chicago, Joe and I still marvel about what a good choice it was to move here. We didn't fit in Kansas City at all. We wanted to wait a few years to have kids, we were interested in living in an urban setting, and we felt such a connection to this crazy city that we had visited during Spring Break of our senior year of college. We had a few really great friends in Kansas City, but not the sort of community we were really looking for. We feel so lucky to not only be living in Chicago, but to own a condo in Lincoln Square, the perfect neighborhood for the two of us.

Saturday I had to work until 4:00, but the second I got off work, I knew I needed to spend the rest of the afternoon outside. It was a perfect late summer day-- sunny and warm, but none of that oppressive heat we were feeling for the last few weeks. The was prime picnic weather, so we packed up our dinner and headed to the park!

A healthy and flavorful vegan dinner

Happy Camper

Contraband at the park!
Gumball Head, from 3 Floyds, if anyone's keeping score.

Dill Green Beans and Seitan from Super Natural Everyday

Using the iphone to add some tunes to this party

We were too late for the performance, but people were still lingering from
the afternoon's Shakespeare in the Park show. I want to go next time!
Dinner and beers in the park wasn't perfect enough, though. We added in some frisbee playing, and a little stroll up Lincoln Avenue on our way home.  The evening was perfect enough that I almost forgot that I'd worked all day. It's a great feeling, too, knowing we're in the right place.

Now let's just hope we get to join the stroller-pushing ranks soon, because that's the only thing missing from this equation. Lincoln Square is full of families with young children, and I can't wait to be one of those families!  What do you love the most about where you live?

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  1. this sounds like a perfect summer afternoon! the thing i love most about nyc? the great food, the opportunity to do something new all the time, and my tiny little apartment that is the perfect size for me.