Monday, February 1, 2010

The job search begins...

I'm at the point in my high school math certification where I can start applying for jobs for next year. That is why our guest bedroom looks like this:

I'm going to my first job fair next weekend, out in the suburbs. This job fair is for secondary teachers only, and focuses on suburban districts north and west of Chicago. There are a few districts that I'm very interested in, and I am excited to have a chance to talk with representatives from these schools! I'm focusing on the suburban school districts first, because they tend to do their hiring earlier. Once this job fair is out of the way, I will begin researching schools here in Chicago. I know for sure I'll be applying to at least a few public CPS high schools, and I will also be looking into some of the Catholic schools in the city.

This is a stressful time, because I'm so ready to just be a normal adult again! I can't wait to have a decent paying job and a regular schedule. I'm really spending the time and energy on job applications, so that no matter what I can say that I did everything in my power to find a teaching job. I know some districts around us are struggling financially, but I also know there are going to be openings because of teachers retiring or moving on. Send some good thoughts my way, and hopefully this crazy year of being back in school will end up being worth it!

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